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Laboratory Support Staff The work of the dedicated laboratory staff has been essential to enable the institution's success and to provide support to the scientific researchers. Please share recollections about your life and work as part of the staff at CSHL.

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Old 01-23-2004, 01:50 PM
Timothy Mulligan Timothy Mulligan is offline
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Default Farm Vandalization 2000

At the time there was a lot of vandalism going on with corn fields, that kind of crime was going on locally. It was in the news and we did not have security. If they were real serious or if they had done their homework or if they had dialogue with us they would have known we don't do GMO's here so we should not have been a target. We were not who they thought we were. If they had just been a tick more violent, if they had caused more problems with fire, my family would have been on the line. While it was happening all I could think about was how to save the plants because they hacked down two acres and they trashed the greenhouse. My first thought was I need to fix this so the plants would grow. I did not want the plants to be destroyed; do we stabilize, do we fertilize, do we water them? Then after a little while I realized that they were about fifty yards away from my sleeping babies and this was the biggest push that got me to move off the farm. And the funny story is I had a gig that night and I came home around midnight. If they were in the field, I did not see them. But it was a summer night the air conditioning was running. I must have slept right through it. I got up in the morning about six. I did not want to wake the family by making coffee, so I went out to the deli, passed the field on my way out and I did not see it. I must have been half asleep and I drove back with my coffee and I saw the trashed field and the paint on the greenhouse and that is when I called for help.

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