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What is the History of the Memory Board?
The Memory Board was created by Mila Pollock, director of the Libraries and Archives at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The goal of the Memory Board is to enable past and present members of the laboratory community to contribute to the laboratory archives by sharing stories and photographs online. At the Memory Board Website, the laboratory community can interact with each other and simultaneously access information about the history of the Laboratory.

In 2002, a simple message board was set up on the World Wide Web to allow community members to write memories, submit photos and re-connect online. In October 2004, the Library and Archives received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to re-design the Memory Board. In 2006, the re-design was completed and the new face of the Memory Board was published. The Memory Board currently has over 260 members, from trustees and students to support staff. Members log in to the Memory Board from locations that range from California to China to Cairo.

What is the Memory Board Advisory Committee?
The Memory Board Advisory Committee was established in November 2004 to bridge the gap between the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory community and the general public. The Advisory Committee is a selection of creative, intelligent and energetic individuals, who help in publicizing the Memory Board and organize publicity events.

The Advisory Committee is made up of Elizabeth L. Watson, Susan Miller, Yolanta Fabricka, Rita Cleary and Ellen Brenner. Frank Miller is an honorary member on the Committee.

Have there been any events to promote the Memory Board?
The first Memory Board event, “Memories Under the Moonlight” was held on July 28, 2005 at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Past and present scientists, neighbors, support staff and students at the laboratory were in attendance as were members of the local community and representatives of research and educational institutions.

During the evening, CSHL geneticist, Tim Tully gave a short talk about the biology of memory and Mila Pollock, director of the CSHL Libraries and Archives, talked about the history of the laboratory and the development of the Memory Board Website. The program concluded with an "open microphone" session in which participants at the event, such as Jim Hicks and Jeff Strathern, of the Yeast Group at CSHL, Jim Watson, Chancellor of CSHL, Art Brings, director of facilities at CSHL, and many others shared their stories aloud.

Click here to view the press release for the event

Who moderates the Memory Board?
Rhonda Veros, Memory Board editor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Libraries & Archives, is the moderator of the Memory Board. She is always excited to receive mail from Memory Board users. If you have problems accessing the site, posting your memories or submitting photos or video, email Rhonda. If you have concerns, questions, advice, praise and criticism, you can also forward them to Rhonda. Her email address is veros@cshl.edu.

Why does the phrase “Speak, Memory” appear on all Memory Board pages
The term “Speak, Memory” was chosen to be the slogan of the Memory Board as a reference to Vladimir Nabokov’s autobiographical work of the same title. His book is both a reflection on his life and a meditation on memory. Similarly, the Memory Board’s aim is to create an institutional autobiography that at once recognizes that the memory process is both powerful, emotive, unpredictable and imperfect.

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