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On October 16, 2003  Ronald Plasterk  wrote:

"One of my earliest CSH memories was a phage meeting, 1983. I was a young grad student in the Netherlands, working on phage Mu. For the first time I went to the USA, and I met all these great heroes, whose work I knew so well from the literature. Walking with my dinner plate in Blackford Hall I was talking to Nick Cozzarelli, and sat down with him at a table where some others were seated." entire post

On December 23, 2004  Norma Neff wrote:

"The Bacterial Genetics Course in July 1977 occurred at a time when DNA technology was beginning to bring geneticists together. My experience at CSHL was the first time I had viewed genetics as a way of thinking rather than a collection of curiosities" entire post

On May 9, 2004  Leona Samson wrote:

"I was absolutely astonished to see my face on the CSHL Symposia website. I was just 25, and the 1978 CSH Symposium was my first EVER scientific meeting (I was a 4th year graduate student with John Cairns at the time). I am now 51 and often think about that meeting as it was a huge turning point in my life..." entire post

On February 18, 2004  Jonathan Kui wrote:

"Half of my sample was lost because I literally poured it into my mouth. Fortunately, I took what was left in my tube, so it was not a complete loss. You know you have the old adage of my dog ate my homework and I this was the first time I had to use the “I ate my fly-brains” excuse….." entire post

On March 02, 2003  Luis F. Jimenez-Garcia wrote:

"When I came first to CSHL, fortunately, I met Richard Roberts and I realized the importance of splicing. Afterwards, I was involved in a project regarding adenoviral RNA organization into infected cells. That investigation derived from the conclusion that splicing factors were recruited to active sites of transcription in vivo." entire post