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The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Campus was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. The buildings and grounds at Cold Spring Harbor play an integral role in the life of the laboratory community. Read stories about our special places, or write stories of your own on our Interactive Memory Board.

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On May 17, 2004  Anders Kaufmann wrote:

"Davenport House was also the location of Saturday night square dances, organized and called by Carleton MacDowell. Everyone participated, both those with experience and beginners, the coordinated and the less-so." entire post

On November 18, 2004  Errol Friedberg wrote:

"The 2000 CSH symposium was memorable for me both professionally and personally. From a professional standpoint the meeting was on DNA repair, which just happens to be my favorite topic! From the personal point of view, which is the primary purpose of this posting, I fell in love at CSH with the woman to whom I am now married." entire post

On November 18, 2004  JacSue Kehoe wrote:

"I think it was between the "new" and "old" Williams when we spent a summer blessed with the air conditioning of Osterhaut. The air conditioning came with more square feet than we knew how to use, but we weren't complaining!" entire post

On July 16, 2004  Michael Wigler wrote:

"My first winter at Cold Spring Harbor, 1978, we had a heavy weekend snow. Waking in the morning and eager to continue my experiments, I looked outside and found a path had been shoveled from Hooper leading up the slope to Bungtown Road." entire post

On August 27, 2004  Joe Bertani wrote:

"Starting in late October 1948, I spent one of my happiest years as a Carnegie Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor in Dr. Demerec’s group. I wanted to shift from Drosophila genetics to the then very new microbial genetics." entire post

On February 18, 2004  Jonathan Schneiderman wrote:

"Liz and I would usually try to synchronize meal-times (unsuccessfully I might add), but ocassionally go sailing in the harbor at the crack of dawn while we waited for the gel-dryer to finish its work.." entire post