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On August 22, 2004  Ashleigh Long wrote:

"It happened one day at lunch at the beginning of our course and I saw Dr. Watson sitting at lunch with a few of his colleagues in Blackford Hall. From what I understand, this is a pretty regular occurence, but I had only read about this man in textbooks, so I took a deep breath and walked right up to him and introduced myself..." entire post

On March 1, 2004 Alan Bernheimer Jr wrote:

"The story goes that my parents were quite frustrated with the antiquated kerosene cook stove in their Hooper House kitchen, and invited Miloslav Demerec over for a drink one day, hoping to shame him into an upgrade." entire post

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On January 29, 2001 Evelyn Witkin wrote:

"Sometime in the middle seventies, on one of my visits to Barbara, she said something that now seems remarkably prescient. I had been excitedly telling her about the regulation of a complex inducible response to DNA damage in E.coli" entire post

On February 27, 2001  E. Peter Fischer wrote:

"Among researchers there is a famous way to refer to Alfred Hershey. They all dream of a way to arrive at Hershey Heaven. You are in Hershey Heaven if you have an experiment that works and you can do it every day. Who has managed to arrive at Hershey Heaven and who knows a reference to it? How does it feel to be in HH?" entire post

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On May 13, 2004 Amy Caudy wrote:

"My class was in Wawepex, so we were right by the water and we had these Adirondack chairs and we would sit there at night and argue because we would have these papers each week to study and we had wildly different opinions about the science within them." entire post

On January 23, 2004 Tim Mulligan wrote:

"one grows a field of 20,000 maize plants and maybe only 1 has the DNA that you want, then It is important then to keep the raccoons and the birds away and keep that plant alive." entire post

On January 24, 2004 Danny Miller wrote:

"Ten years ago I was in charge of getting the tree. They told me “go get the biggest tree that you can find and put it up”. I found this 22ft tree, wrapped up like a pencil but [when I] untied it ... " entire post

On November 29, 2004 Jan Eisenman wrote:

"The next step was for Jim, the engineer, to figure out how to construct a rope tow. We donated our ancient Plymouth station wagon and put it at the top of the slope." entire post

On January 29, 2001 Waclaw Szybalski wrote:

"I was told that her name was Audrey Hepburn. As a scientist, I really did not know at that time who she was (moreover, she was still "unknown" in the USA), but I decided that I had to help my U.S. friends. Thus, I guided her through the Cold Spring Harbor laboratories, I introduced her to the Director, Milislav Demerec… " entire post

On August 4, 2004 Alan Bernheimer Jr. wrote:

"Working in the kitchen was my first job, about 1966, and I was paid two dollars an hour." entire post