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Lab Events: Learn more about the Events at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The Lab organizes a variety of events each year from Easter Egg Hunts, to picnics to jazz concerts.

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On August 22, 2004  Catherine Cormier wrote:

"The first two years I was at the lab, the third year graduate students held a graduate student party, which functioned both as a holiday party and as a faculty roast. At these parties we got to make fun of the faculty and watch them do outrageously funny things. Greg Hannon and Scott Lowe sang a lovely rendition of "I've got you babe," Sonny and Cher costumes and all." entire post

On January 08, 2004  Peter Stahl wrote:

"In 1986, one morning driving through the lab I looked out at the water and saw this odd, shimmer blanketing the harbor. I glanced closer and realized that millions of dead bunkers were lying side by side, head to tail and two feet deep across the entire harbor. No one had ever seen such a sight nor smelled such an odor..." entire post