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Presynaptic GABA(B) Receptor Regulates Activity-Dependent Maturation and Patterning of Inhibitory Synapses through Dynamic Allocation of Synaptic Vesicles
Fu Y,
Wu X,
Lu J,
Huang ZJ

Front Cell Neurosci
  6 (0): 57; Dec 2012   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

A genome triplication associated with early diversification of the core eudicots
Jiao YN,
Leebens-Mack J,
Ayyampalayam S,
Bowers JE,
McKain MR,
McNeal J,
Rolf M,
Ruzicka DR,
Wafula E,
Wickett NJ,
Wu XL,
Zhang Y,
Wang J,
Zhang YT,
Carpenter EJ,
Deyholos MK,
Kutchan TM,
Chanderbali AS,
Soltis PS,
Stevenson DW,
McCombie R,
Pires JC,
Wong GK,
Soltis DE,
dePamphilis CW

Genome Biology
  13 (1): R3; Jan 26 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

GABA Signaling Promotes Synapse Elimination and Axon Pruning in Developing Cortical Inhibitory Interneurons
Wu X,
Fu Y,
Knott G,
Lu J,
Di Cristo G,
Huang ZJ

J Neurosci
  32 (1): 331-43; Jan 4 2012   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Network-based global inference of human disease genes
Wu X,
Jiang R,
Zhang MQ,
Li S

Mol Syst Biol
  4 (0): 189; 2008   PMCID: PMC2424293
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

A YAC-based physical map of the mouse genome
Nusbaum C,
Slonim DK,
Harris KL,
Birren BW,
Steen RG,
Stein LD,
Miller J,
Dietrich WF,
Nahf R,
Wang V,
Merport O,
Castle AB,
Husain Z,
Farino G,
Gray D,
Anderson MO,
Devine R,
Horton LT,
Ye W,
Wu X,
Kouyoumjian V,
Zemsteva IS,
Wu Y,
Collymore AJ,
Courtney DF,
Tam J,
Cadman M,
Haynes AR,
Heuston C,
Marsland T,
Southwell A,
Trickett P,
Strivens MA,
Ross MT,
Makalowski W,
Xu Y,
Boguski MS,
Carter NP,
Denny P,
Brown SD,
Hudson TJ,
Lander ES

Nat Genet
  22 (4): 388-93; Aug 1999  
[Full Text]

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