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Inducible deletion of epidermal Dicer and Drosha reveals multiple functions for miRNAs in postnatal skin
Teta M,
Choi YS,
Okegbe T,
Wong G,
Tam OH,
Chong MM,
Seykora JT,
Nagy A,
Littman DR,
Andl T,
Millar SE

  139 (8): 1405-1416; Apr 15 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

A genome triplication associated with early diversification of the core eudicots
Jiao YN,
Leebens-Mack J,
Ayyampalayam S,
Bowers JE,
McKain MR,
McNeal J,
Rolf M,
Ruzicka DR,
Wafula E,
Wickett NJ,
Wu XL,
Zhang Y,
Wang J,
Zhang YT,
Carpenter EJ,
Deyholos MK,
Kutchan TM,
Chanderbali AS,
Soltis PS,
Stevenson DW,
McCombie R,
Pires JC,
Wong GK,
Soltis DE,
dePamphilis CW

Genome Biology
  13 (1): R3; Jan 26 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Peptide Antibodies and Their Use in Detecting Oncogene Products Us Patent-4762706. August 9 1988
McCormick FP,
Wong GL,
Clark R,
Arnheim N,
Nitecki DE,
Feramisco JR

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Trademark Office Patents
  1093 (2): 742; 1988  

Transient Reversion of Ras Oncogene-Induced Cell-Transformation by Antibodies Specific for Amino-Acid 12 of Ras Protein
Feramisco JR,
Clark R,
Wong G,
Arnheim N,
Milley R,
McCormick F

  314 (6012): 639-642; 1985  
[Full Text]

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