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The contribution of de novo coding mutations to autism spectrum disorder
Iossifov I,
ORoak BJ,
Sanders SJ,
Ronemus M,
Krumm N,
Levy D,
Stessman HA,
Witherspoon KT,
Vives L,
Patterson KE,
Smith JD,
Paeper B,
Nickerson DA,
Dea J,
Dong S,
Gonzalez LE,
Mandell JD,
Mane SM,
Murtha MT,
Sullivan CA,
Walker MF,
Waqar Z,
Wei L,
Willsey AJ,
Yamrom B,
Lee YH,
Grabowska E,
Dalkic E,
Wang Z,
Marks S,
Andrews P,
Leotta A,
Kendall J,
Hakker I,
Rosenbaum J,
Ma B,
Rodgers L,
Troge J,
Narzisi G,
Yoon S,
Schatz MC,
Ye K,
McCombie WR,
Shendure J,
Eichler EE,
State MW,
Wigler M

  515 (7526): 2160-U136; Nov 13 2014   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Increased frequency of de novo copy number variants in congenital heart disease by integrative analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism array and exome sequence data
Glessner JT,
Bick AG,
Ito K,
Homsy JG,
Rodriguez-Murillo L,
Fromer M,
Mazaika E,
Vardarajan B,
Italia M,
Leipzig J,
DePalma SR,
Golhar R,
Sanders SJ,
Yamrom B,
Ronemus M,
Iossifov I,
Willsey AJ,
State MW,
Kaltman JR,
White PS,
Shen Y,
Warburton D,
Brueckner M,
Seidman C,
Goldmuntz E,
Gelb BD,
Lifton R,
Seidman J,
Hakonarson H,
Chung WK

Circulation Research
  115 (10): 884-96; Oct 24 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

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