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Strong association of socioeconomic status with genetic ancestry in Latinos: implications for admixture studies of type 2 diabetes
Florez J,
Price A,
Campbell D,
Riba L,
Parra M,
Yu F,
Duque C,
Saxena R,
Gallego N,
Tello-Ruiz M,
Franco L,
Rodríguez-Torres M,
Villegas A,
Bedoya G,
Aguilar-Salinas C,
Tusié-Luna M,
Ruiz-Linares A,
Reich D

  52 (8): 1528-1536 ; Aug 2009   PMC3113605
[Full Text]

A second generation human haplotype map of over 3.1 million SNPs
Frazer KA,
Ballinger DG,
Cox DR,
Hinds DA,
Stuve LL,
Gibbs RA,
Belmont JW,
Boudreau A,
Hardenbol P,
Leal SM,
Pasternak S,
Wheeler DA,
Willis TD,
Yu FL,
Yang HM,
Zeng CQ,
Gao Y,
Hu HR,
Hu WT,
Li CH,
Lin W,
Liu SQ,
Pan H,
Tang XL,
Wang J,
Wang W,
Yu J,
Zhang B,
Zhang QR,
Zhao HB,
Zhao H,
Zhou J,
Gabriel SB,
Barry R,
Blumenstiel B,
Camargo A,
Defelice M,
Faggart M,
Goyette M,
Gupta S,
Moore J,
Nguyen H,
Onofrio RC,
Parkin M,
Roy J,
Stahl E,
Winchester E,
Ziaugra L,
Altshuler D,
Shen Y,
Yao ZJ,
Huang W,
Chu X,
He YG,
Jin L,
Liu YF,
Shen YY,
Sun WW,
Wang HF,
Wang Y,
Xiong XY,
Xu L,
Waye MM,
Tsui SK,
Wong JT,
Galver LM,
Fan JB,
Gunderson K,
Murray SS,
Oliphant AR,
Chee MS,
Montpetit A,
Chagnon F,
Ferretti V,
Leboeuf M,
Olivier JF,
Phillips MS,
Roumy S,
Sallee C,
Verner A,
Hudson TJ,
Kwok PY,
Cai DM,
Koboldt DC,
Miller RD,
Pawlikowska L,
Taillon-Miller P,
Xiao M,
Tsui LC,
Mak W,
Song YQ,
Tam PK,
Nakamura Y,
Kawaguchi T,
Kitamoto T,
Morizono T,
Nagashima A,
Ohnishi Y,
Sekine A,
Tanaka T,
Tsunoda T,
Deloukas P,
Bird CP,
Delgado M,
Dermitzakis ET,
Gwilliam R,
Hunt S,
Morrison J,
Powell D,
Stranger BE,
Whittaker P,
Bentley DR,
Daly MJ,
de Bakker PI,
Barrett J,
Chretien YR,
Maller J,
McCarroll S,
Patterson N,
Peer I,
Price A,
Purcell S,
Richter DJ,
Sabeti P,
Saxena R,
Schaffner SF,
Sham PC,
Varilly P,
Stein LD,
Krishnan L,
Smith AV,
Tello-Ruiz MK,
Thorisson GA,
Chakravarti A,
Chen PE,
Cutler DJ,
Kashuk CS,
Lin S,
Abecasis GR,
Guan WH,
Li Y,
Munro HM,
Qin ZH,
Thomas DJ,
McVean G,
Auton A,
Bottolo L,
Cardin N,
Eyheramendy S,
Freeman C,
Marchini J,
Myers S,
Spencer C,
Stephens M,
Donnelly P,
Cardon LR,
Clarke G,
Evans DM,
Morris AP,
Weir BS,
Johnson TA,
Mullikin JC

  449 (7164): 851-U3; Oct 2007  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

A genomewide admixture map for Latino populations
Price AL,
Patterson N,
Yu F,
Cox DR,
Waliszewska A,
McDonald GJ,
Tandon A,
Schirmer C,
Neubauer J,
Bedoya G,
Duque C,
Villegas A,
Bortolini MC,
Salzano FM,
Gallo C,
Mazzotti G,
Tello-Ruiz M,
Riba L,
Aguilar-Salinas CA,
Canizales-Quinteros S,
Menjivar M,
Klitz W,
Henderson B,
Haiman CA,
Winkler C,
Tusie-Luna T,
Ruiz-Linares A,
Reich D

American Journal of Human Genetics
  80 (6): 1024-1036; Jun 2007  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

A mammalian microRNA expression atlas based on small RNA library sequencing
Landgraf P,
Rusu M,
Sheridan R,
Sewer A,
Iovino N,
Aravin AA,
Pfeffer S,
Rice A,
Kamphorst AO,
Landthaler M,
Lin C,
Socci ND,
Hermida L,
Fulci V,
Chiaretti S,
Foa R,
Schliwka J,
Fuchs U,
Novosel A,
Muller RU,
Schermer B,
Bissels U,
Inman J,
Phan Q,
Chien MC,
Weir DB,
Choksi R,
De Vita G,
Frezzetti D,
Trompeter HI,
Hornung V,
Teng G,
Hartmann G,
Palkovits M,
Di Lauro R,
Wernet P,
Macino G,
Rogler CE,
Nagle JW,
Ju JY,
Papavasiliou FN,
Benzing T,
Lichter P,
Tam W,
Brownstein MJ,
Bosio A,
Borkhardt A,
Russo JJ,
Sander C,
Zavolan M,
Tuschl T

  129 (7): 1401-1414; Jun 2007  
[Full Text] [PDF]

Transactivation Hiv-1 Gene Expression by Tat Is Due to Stimulation of Both Transcriptional Initiation and Elongation
Laspia MF,
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

AIDS Research Human Retroviruses
  7 (2): 173-174; 1991  

The Role of the Tar Region and Tat Protein in Hiv-Directed Gene Expression
Kessler M,
Gunnery S,
Laspia MF,
Rice AP,
Mathews MB
Genetic structure and regulation of HIV
(eds. Haseltine, W. A. Wong-Staal, F.) New York: Raven Press; 1991. : 75-96  

Translational Control by Hiv-1 Tar Rna
Gunnery S,
Green SR,
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry - Supplement.(15 PART D)
  (0): 214; 1991  

Structural analysis of wild-type and mutant human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Tat proteins
Rice AP,
Carlotti F

J Virol
  64 (12): 6018-26; Dec 1990  
[Full Text]

Synergy between HIV-1 Tat and adenovirus E1A is principally due to stabilization of transcriptional elongation
Laspia MF,
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

Genes Dev
  4 (12): 2397-408; Dec 1990  
[Full Text]

Tat-responsive region RNA of human immunodeficiency virus 1 can prevent activation of the double-stranded-RNA-activated protein kinase
Gunnery S,
Rice AP,
Robertson HD,
Mathews MB

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  87 (22): 8687-91; Nov 1990  
[Full Text]

Mutational analysis of the conserved cysteine-rich region of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Tat protein
Rice AP,
Carlotti F

J Virol
  64 (4): 1864-8; Apr 1990  
[Full Text]

Regulation of Hiv-1 Transcription at Multiple Levels Effects of Hiv-1 Tat and Adenovirus E1a on Transcriptional Initiation and Elongation
Laspia MF,
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry - Supplement.(14 PART D)
  (0): 122; 1990  

Identification of a 90-kDa polypeptide which associates with adenovirus VA RNAI and is phosphorylated by the double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase
Rice AP,
Kostura M,
Mathews MB

J Biol Chem
  264 (34): 20632-7; Dec 5 1989  
[Full Text]

HIV-1 Tat protein increases transcriptional initiation and stabilizes elongation
Laspia MF,
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

  59 (2): 283-92; Oct 20 1989  
[Full Text]

Trans-activation of the human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat sequences, expressed in an adenovirus vector, by the adenovirus E1A 13S protein
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  85 (12): 4200-4; Jun 1988  
[Full Text]

Transcriptional but not translational regulation of HIV-1 by the tat gene product
Rice AP,
Mathews MB

  332 (6164): 551-3; Apr 7 1988  
[Full Text]

Regulation of Translation by Adenovirus Va Rna
Mathews MB,
Kostura MJ,
Mellits K,
Omalley RP,
Rice AP

Federation Proceedings
  46 (6): 1958-1958; May 1987  
[Full Text]

Novel 2 5 Oligoadenylates Synthesized in Interferon-Treated Vaccinia Virus-Infected Cells
Rice AP,
Kerr SM,
Roberts WK,
Brown RE,
Kerr IM

Journal of Virology
  56 (3): 1041-1044; 1985  

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