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The genome sequence of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Wood V,
Gwilliam R,
Rajandream MA,
Lyne M,
Lyne R,
Stewart A,
Sgouros J,
Peat N,
Hayles J,
Baker S,
Basham D,
Bowman S,
Brooks K,
Brown D,
Brown S,
Chillingworth T,
Churcher C,
Collins M,
Connor R,
Cronin A,
Davis P,
Feltwell T,
Fraser A,
Gentles S,
Goble A,
Hamlin N,
Harris D,
Hidalgo J,
Hodgson G,
Holroyd S,
Hornsby T,
Howarth S,
Huckle EJ,
Hunt S,
Jagels K,
James K,
Jones L,
Jones M,
Leather S,
McDonald S,
McLean J,
Mooney P,
Moule S,
Mungall K,
Murphy L,
Niblett D,
Odell C,
Oliver K,
ONeil S,
Pearson D,
Quail MA,
Rabbinowitsch E,
Rutherford K,
Rutter S,
Saunders D,
Seeger K,
Sharp S,
Skelton J,
Simmonds M,
Squares R,
Squares S,
Stevens K,
Taylor K,
Taylor RG,
Tivey A,
Walsh S,
Warren T,
Whitehead S,
Woodward J,
Volckaert G,
Aert R,
Robben J,
Grymonprez B,
Weltjens I,
Vanstreels E,
Rieger M,
Schafer M,
Muller-Auer S,
Gabel C,
Fuchs M,
Fritzc C,
Holzer E,
Moestl D,
Hilbert H,
Borzym K,
Langer I,
Beck A,
Lehrach H,
Reinhardt R,
Pohl TM,
Eger P,
Zimmermann W,
Wedler H,
Wambutt R,
Purnelle B,
Goffeau A,
Cadieu E,
Dreano S,
Gloux S,
Lelaure V,
Mottier S,
Galibert F,
Aves SJ,
Xiang Z,
Hunt C,
Moore K,
Hurst SM,
Lucas M,
Rochet M,
Gaillardin C,
Tallada VA,
Garzon A,
Thode G,
Daga RR,
Cruzado L,
Jimenez J,
Sanchez M,
del Rey F,
Benito J,
Dominguez A,
Revuelta JL,
Moreno S,
Armstrong J,
Forsburg SL,
Cerrutti L,
Lowe T,
McCombie WR,
Paulsen I,
Potashkin J,
Shpakovski GV,
Ussery D,
Barrell BG,
Nurse P

  415 (6874): 871-880; Feb 2002  
[Full Text]

A mutation in a single gene of Schizosaccharomyces pombe affects the expression of several snRNAs and causes defects in RNA processing
Potashkin J,
Frendewey D

Embo J
  9 (2): 525-34; Feb 1990  
[Full Text]

Splicing of the U6 RNA precursor is impaired in fission yeast pre-mRNA splicing mutants
Potashkin J,
Frendewey D

Nucleic Acids Res
  17 (19): 7821-31; Oct 11 1989  
[Full Text]

Pre-mRNA splicing mutants of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Potashkin J,
Li R,
Frendewey D

Embo J
  8 (2): 551-9; Feb 1989  
[Full Text]

Multiple phosphorylated forms of the product of the fission yeast cell division cycle gene cdc2+
Potashkin JA,
Beach DH

Curr Genet
  14 (3): 235-40; Sep 1988  
[Full Text]

Identification of P34 and P13, Human Homologs of the Cell-Cycle Regulators of Fission Yeast Encoded by Cdc2+ and Suc1+
Draetta G,
Brizuela L,
Potashkin J,
Beach D

  50 (2): 319-325; Jul 1987  
[Full Text]

Physical Association between Products of Cdc2-Positive and Sucl-Positive Genes of Fission Yeast and between Their Homologs in Mammalian Cells
Brizuela L,
Draetta G,
Potashkin J,
Beach D
Nuclear Oncogenes
(eds. Alt, F. W. Harlow, E. Ziff, E. B) Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Cold Spring Harbor L; 1987. : 38-42  

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