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An encyclopedia of mouse DNA elements (Mouse ENCODE)
Stamatoyannopoulos JA,
Snyder M,
Hardison R,
Ren B,
Gingeras T,
Gilbert DM,
Groudine M,
Bender M,
Kaul R,
Canfield T,
Giste E,
Johnson A,
Zhang M,
Balasundaram G,
Byron R,
Roach V,
Sabo PJ,
Sandstrom R,
Stehling AS,
Thurman RE,
Weissman SM,
Cayting P,
Hariharan M,
Lian J,
Cheng Y,
Landt SG,
Ma ZH,
Wold BJ,
Dekker J,
Crawford GE,
Keller CA,
Wu WS,
Morrissey C,
Kumar SA,
Mishra T,
Jain D,
Byrska-Bishop M,
Blankenberg D,
Lajoie BR,
Jain G,
Sanyal A,
Chen KB,
Denas O,
Taylor J,
Blobel GA,
Weiss MJ,
Pimkin M,
Deng WL,
Marinov GK,
Williams BA,
Fisher-Aylor KI,
Desalvo G,
Kiralusha A,
Trout D,
Amrhein H,
Mortazavi A,
Edsall L,
McCleary D,
Kuan S,
Shen Y,
Yue F,
Ye Z,
Davis CA,
Zaleski C,
Jha S,
Xue CH,
Dobin A,
Lin W,
Fastuca M,
Wang HI,
Guigo R,
Djebali S,
Lagarde J,
Ryba T,
Sasaki T,
Malladi VS,
Cline MS,
Kirkup VM,
Learned K,
Rosenbloom KR,
Kent WJ,
Feingold EA,
Good PJ,
Pazin M,
Lowdon RF,
Adams LB,
Mouse EC

Genome Biology
  13 (8): Aug 13 2012  
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