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The First Myriapod Genome Sequence Reveals Conservative Arthropod Gene Content and Genome Organisation in the Centipede Strigamia maritima
Chipman AD,
Ferrier DE,
Brena C,
Qu J,
Hughes DS,
Schröder R,
Torres-Oliva M,
Znassi N,
Jiang H,
Almeida FC,
Alonso CR,
Apostolou Z,
Aqrawi P,
Arthur W,
Barna JC,
Blankenburg KP,
Brites D,
Capella-Gutiérrez S,
Coyle M,
Dearden PK,
Du Pasquier L,
Duncan EJ,
Ebert D,
Eibner C,
Erikson G,
Evans PD,
Extavour CG,
Francisco L,
Gabaldón T,
Gillis WJ,
Goodwin-Horn EA,
Green JE,
Griffiths-Jones S,
Grimmelikhuijzen CJ,
Gubbala S,
Guigó R,
Han Y,
Hauser F,
Havlak P,
Hayden L,
Helbing S,
Holder M,
Hui JH,
Hunn JP,
Hunnekuhl VS,
Jackson LR,
Javaid M,
Jhangiani SN,
Jiggins FM,
Jones TE,
Kaiser TS,
Kalra D,
Kenny NJ,
Korchina V,
Kovar CL,
Kraus FB,
Lapraz F,
Lee SL,
Lv J,
Mandapat C,
Manning G,
Mariotti M,
Mata R,
Mathew T,
Neumann T,
Newsham I,
Ngo DN,
Ninova M,
Okwuonu G,
Ongeri F,
Palmer WJ,
Patil S,
Patraquim P,
Pham C,
Pu LL,
Putman NH,
Rabouille C,
Ramos OM,
Rhodes AC,
Robertson HE,
Robertson HM,
Ronshaugen M,
Rozas J,
Saada N,
Sánchez-Gracia A,
Scherer SE,
Schurko AM,
Siggens KW,
Simmons DN,
Stief A,
Stolle E,
Telford MJ,
Tessmar-Raible K,
Thornton R,
van der Zee M,
von Haeseler A,
Williams JM,
Willis JH,
Wu Y,
Zou X,
Lawson D,
Muzny DM,
Worley KC,
Gibbs RA,
Akam M,
Richards S

PLoS Biology
  12 (11): 2014  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Inclusion during school absence: Using ambient technology to create a classroom presence for hospitalised children
Vetere F,
Green J,
Nisselle A,
Dang XT,
Zazryn T,
Deng PP

Telecommunication Journal of Australia
  62 (5): Article no. 67; May 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Accessing Flexible Learning Opportunities: Childrens and Young Peoples use of Laptops in a Paediatric Hospital
Nisselle A,
Hanns S,
Green J,
Jones T

Technology, Pedagogy and Education
  21 (1): 3-20; Mar 2012  
[DOI] [Full Text]

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