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Rapid phenotypic and genomic change in response to therapeutic pressure in prostate cancer inferred by high content analysis of single circulating tumor cells
Dago AE,
Stepansky A,
Carlsson A,
Luttgen M,
Kendall J,
Baslan T,
Kolatkar A,
Wigler M,
Bethel K,
Gross ME,
Hicks J,
Kuhn P

PLoS One
  9 (8): e101777; Aug 1 2014   Nlm
[DOI] [Full Text]

A low-cost technique to cryo-protect and freeze rodent brains, precisely aligned to stereotaxic coordinates for whole-brain cryosectioning
Pinskiy V,
Tolpygo AS,
Jones J,
Weber K,
Franciotti N,
Mitra PP

J Neurosci Methods
  218 (2): 206-21; Sep 15 2013   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Sequential monitoring of single-cell copy number variation in metastatic prostate cancer
Kuhn P,
Dago AE,
Stepansky A,
Carlsson A,
Felch N,
Luttgen M,
Kolatkar A,
Hicks J,
Gross ME

Cancer Research
  73 (8): 4599; Apr 2013  
[DOI] [Full Text]

A second generation human haplotype map of over 3.1 million SNPs
Frazer KA,
Ballinger DG,
Cox DR,
Hinds DA,
Stuve LL,
Gibbs RA,
Belmont JW,
Boudreau A,
Hardenbol P,
Leal SM,
Pasternak S,
Wheeler DA,
Willis TD,
Yu FL,
Yang HM,
Zeng CQ,
Gao Y,
Hu HR,
Hu WT,
Li CH,
Lin W,
Liu SQ,
Pan H,
Tang XL,
Wang J,
Wang W,
Yu J,
Zhang B,
Zhang QR,
Zhao HB,
Zhao H,
Zhou J,
Gabriel SB,
Barry R,
Blumenstiel B,
Camargo A,
Defelice M,
Faggart M,
Goyette M,
Gupta S,
Moore J,
Nguyen H,
Onofrio RC,
Parkin M,
Roy J,
Stahl E,
Winchester E,
Ziaugra L,
Altshuler D,
Shen Y,
Yao ZJ,
Huang W,
Chu X,
He YG,
Jin L,
Liu YF,
Shen YY,
Sun WW,
Wang HF,
Wang Y,
Xiong XY,
Xu L,
Waye MM,
Tsui SK,
Wong JT,
Galver LM,
Fan JB,
Gunderson K,
Murray SS,
Oliphant AR,
Chee MS,
Montpetit A,
Chagnon F,
Ferretti V,
Leboeuf M,
Olivier JF,
Phillips MS,
Roumy S,
Sallee C,
Verner A,
Hudson TJ,
Kwok PY,
Cai DM,
Koboldt DC,
Miller RD,
Pawlikowska L,
Taillon-Miller P,
Xiao M,
Tsui LC,
Mak W,
Song YQ,
Tam PK,
Nakamura Y,
Kawaguchi T,
Kitamoto T,
Morizono T,
Nagashima A,
Ohnishi Y,
Sekine A,
Tanaka T,
Tsunoda T,
Deloukas P,
Bird CP,
Delgado M,
Dermitzakis ET,
Gwilliam R,
Hunt S,
Morrison J,
Powell D,
Stranger BE,
Whittaker P,
Bentley DR,
Daly MJ,
de Bakker PI,
Barrett J,
Chretien YR,
Maller J,
McCarroll S,
Patterson N,
Peer I,
Price A,
Purcell S,
Richter DJ,
Sabeti P,
Saxena R,
Schaffner SF,
Sham PC,
Varilly P,
Stein LD,
Krishnan L,
Smith AV,
Tello-Ruiz MK,
Thorisson GA,
Chakravarti A,
Chen PE,
Cutler DJ,
Kashuk CS,
Lin S,
Abecasis GR,
Guan WH,
Li Y,
Munro HM,
Qin ZH,
Thomas DJ,
McVean G,
Auton A,
Bottolo L,
Cardin N,
Eyheramendy S,
Freeman C,
Marchini J,
Myers S,
Spencer C,
Stephens M,
Donnelly P,
Cardon LR,
Clarke G,
Evans DM,
Morris AP,
Weir BS,
Johnson TA,
Mullikin JC

  449 (7164): 851-U3; Oct 2007  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Identification of ciliary and ciliopathy genes in Caenorhabditis elegans through comparative genomics
Chen N,
Mah A,
Blacque OE,
Chu J,
Phgora K,
Bakhoum MW,
Newbury CR,
Khattra J,
Chan SW,
Go A,
Efimenko E,
Johnsen RC,
Phirke P,
Swoboda P,
Marra M,
Moerman DG,
Leroux MR,
Baillie DL,
Stein LD

Genome Biology
  7 (12): R126; Dec 22 2006  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Novel reverse-turn mimics inhibit farnesyl transferase
Liu R,
Dong DL,
Sherlock R,
Nestler HP,
Gennari C,
Mielgo A,
Scolastico C

Bioorg Med Chem Lett
  9 (6): 847-52; Mar 22 1999  
[Full Text]

Expression of the Small Heat-Shock Genes During Drosophila Development - Comparison of the Accumulation of Hsp23 and Hsp27 Messenger-Rnas and Polypeptides
Pauli D,
Arrigo AP,
Vazquez J,
Tonka CH,
Tissieres A

  31 (2): 671-676; 1989  
[Full Text]

Interaction of Drosophila 27000 Mr Heat-Shock Protein with the Nucleus of Heat-Shocked and Ecdysone-Stimulated Culture Cells
Beaulieu JF,
Arrigo AP,
Tanguay RM

Journal of Cell Science
  92 (0): 29-36; Jan 1989  
[Full Text]

Dynamic changes in the structure and intracellular locale of the mammalian low-molecular-weight heat shock protein
Arrigo AP,
Suhan JP,
Welch WJ

Molecular Cellular Biology
  8 (12): 5059-71; Dec 1988  
[Full Text]

Characterization of HSP27 and three immunologically related polypeptides during Drosophila development
Arrigo AP,
Pauli D

Exp Cell Res
  175 (1): 169-83; Mar 1988  
[Full Text]

Identity of the 19S prosome particle with the large multifunctional protease complex of mammalian cells (the proteasome)
Arrigo AP,
Tanaka K,
Goldberg AL,
Welch WJ

  331 (6152): 192-4; Jan 14 1988  
[Full Text]

Structure and Function of the Mammalian Stress Proteins
Welch WJ,
Mizzen LA,
Arrigo AP,
Riabowol K

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry - Supplement.(12 PART D)
  (0): 248; 1988  

Characterization of the Mammalian Low Molecular Weight Heat Shock Protein and Proteasome Particles
Arrigo AP,
Suhan J,
Goldberg AL,
Welch WJ

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry - Supplement.(12 PART D)
  (0): 285; 1988  

Characterization and purification of the small 28,000-dalton mammalian heat shock protein
Arrigo AP,
Welch WJ

J Biol Chem
  262 (32): 15359-69; Nov 15 1987  
[Full Text]

A 20S particle ubiquitous from yeast to human
Arrigo AP,
Simon M,
Darlix JL,
Spahr PF

J Mol Evol
  25 (2): 141-50; 1987  
[Full Text]

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