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Genetic Properties of the Maize Nested Association Mapping Population
McMullen MD,
Kresovich S,
Villeda HS,
Bradbury PJ,
Li H,
Sun Q,
Flint-Garcia S,
Thornsberry J,
Acharya CB,
Bottoms C,
Brown PJ,
Browne C,
Eller M,
Guill K,
Harjes C,
Kroon DE,
Lepak N,
Mitchell SE,
Peterson B,
Pressoir G,
Romero S,
Rosas MO,
Salvo S,
Yates H,
Hanson M,
Jones EG,
Smith S,
Glaubitz JC,
Goodman MM,
Ware DH,
Holland JB,
Buckler ES

  325 (5941): 737-740; Aug 7 2009  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Moving AHEAD with an international human epigenome project
Jones PA,
Archer TK,
Baylin SB,
Beck S,
Berger S,
Bernstein BE,
Carpten JD,
Clark SJ,
Costello JF,
Doerge RW,
Esteller M,
Feinberg AP,
Gingeras TR,
Greally JM,
Henikoff S,
Herman JG,
Jackson-Grusby L,
Jenuwein T,
Jirtle RL,
Kim YJ,
Laird PW,
Lim B,
Martienssen R,
Polyak K,
Stunnenberg H,
Tlsty TD,
Tycko B,
Ushijima T,
Zhu JD,
Pirrotta V,
Allis CD,
Elgin SC,
Rine J,
Wu C,
Amer Assoc Canc Res ,
European Union Netwo

  454 (7205): 711-715; Aug 7 2008  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Inactivation of the apoptosis effector Apaf-1 in malignant melanoma
Soengas MS,
Capodieci P,
Polsky D,
Mora J,
Esteller M,
Opitz-Araya X,
McCombie R,
Herman JG,
Gerald WL,
Lazebnik YA,
Cordon-Cardo C,
Lowe SW

  409 (6817): 207-211; 2001  
[DOI] [Full Text]

Structural Basis for the Low Affinities of Yeast Camp-Dependent and Mammalian Cgmp-Dependent Protein-Kinases for Protein-Kinase Inhibitor Peptides
Glass DB,
Feller MJ,
Levin LR,
Walsh DA

  31 (6): 1728-1734; Feb 1992  
[Full Text]

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