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Clustering autism: using neuroanatomical differences in 26 mouse models to gain insight into the heterogeneity
Ellegood J,
Anagnostou E,
Babineau BA,
Crawley JN,
Lin L,
Genestine M,
DiCicco-Bloom E,
Lai JK,
Foster JA,
Penagarikano O,
Geschwind DH,
Pacey LK,
Hampson DR,
Laliberte CL,
Mills AA,
Tam E,
Osborne LR,
Kouser M,
Espinosa-Becerra F,
Xuan Z,
Powell CM,
Raznahan A,
Robins DM,
Nakai N,
Nakatani J,
Takumi T,
van Eede MC,
Kerr TM,
Muller C,
Blakely RD,
Veenstra-VanderWeele J,
Henkelman RM,
Lerch JP

Mol Psychiatry
  (0): Sep 9 2014   Nlm
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Dosage-dependent phenotypes in models of 16p11.2 lesions found in autism
Horev G,
Ellegood J,
Lerch JP,
Son YE,
Muthuswamy L,
Vogel H,
Krieger AM,
Buja A,
Henkelman RM,
Wigler MH,
Mills AA

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  108 (41): 17076-17081 ; Oct 11 2011   NLM

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