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Comparison of sequencing-based methods to profile DNA methylation and identification of monoallelic epigenetic modifications
Harris RA,
Wang T,
Coarfa C,
Nagarajan RP,
Hong C,
Downey SL,
Johnson BE,
Fouse SD,
Delaney A,
Zhao Y,
Olshen A,
Ballinger T,
Zhou X,
Forsberg KJ,
Gu J,
Echipare L,
OGeen H,
Lister R,
Pelizzola M,
Xi Y,
Epstein CB,
Bernstein BE,
Hawkins RD,
Ren B,
Chung WY,
Gu H,
Bock C,
Gnirke A,
Zhang MQ,
Haussler D,
Ecker JR,
Li W,
Farnham PJ,
Waterland RA,
Meissner A,
Marra MA,
Hirst M,
Milosavljevic A,
Costello JF

Nature Biotechnology
  28 (10): 1097-1105; 2010   PMCID: PMC2955169
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Moving AHEAD with an international human epigenome project
Jones PA,
Archer TK,
Baylin SB,
Beck S,
Berger S,
Bernstein BE,
Carpten JD,
Clark SJ,
Costello JF,
Doerge RW,
Esteller M,
Feinberg AP,
Gingeras TR,
Greally JM,
Henikoff S,
Herman JG,
Jackson-Grusby L,
Jenuwein T,
Jirtle RL,
Kim YJ,
Laird PW,
Lim B,
Martienssen R,
Polyak K,
Stunnenberg H,
Tlsty TD,
Tycko B,
Ushijima T,
Zhu JD,
Pirrotta V,
Allis CD,
Elgin SC,
Rine J,
Wu C,
Amer Assoc Canc Res ,
European Union Netwo

  454 (7205): 711-715; Aug 7 2008  
[DOI] [Full Text]

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