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Specific requirement of NMDA receptors for long-term memory consolidation in Drosophila ellipsoid body
Wu CL,
Xia S,
Fu TF,
Wang H,
Chen YH,
Leong D,
Chiang AS,
Tully T

Nat Neurosci
  10 (12): 1578-1586; Dec 2007  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

The central cell plays a critical role in pollen tube guidance in Arabidopsis
Chen YH,
Li HJ,
Shi DQ,
Yuan L,
Liu J,
Sreenivasan R,
Baskar R,
Grossniklaus U,
Yang WC

Plant Cell
  19 (11): 3563-3577; Nov 2007  
[Full Text] [PDF]

DR5 knockout mice are compromised in radiation-induced apoptosis
Finnberg N,
Gruber JJ,
Fei PW,
Rudolph D,
Bric A,
Kim SH,
Burns TF,
Ajuha H,
Page R,
Wu GS,
Chen YH,
McKenna WG,
Bernhard E,
Lowe S,
Mak T,
El-Deiry WS

Molecular and Cellular Biology
  25 (5): 2000-2013; Mar 2005  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

radish encodes a phospholipase-A2 and defines a neural circuit involved in anesthesia-resistant memory
Chiang AS,
Blum A,
Barditch J,
Chen YH,
Chiu SL,
Regulski M,
Armstrong JD,
Tully T,
Dubnau J

Current Biology
  14 (4): 263-272; Feb 2004  
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

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