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Synaptic abnormalities in the infralimbic cortex of a model of congenital depression
Seese RR,
Chen LY,
Cox CD,
Schulz D,
Babayan AH,
Bunney WE,
Henn FA,
Gall CM,
Lynch G

J Neurosci
  33 (33): 13441-8; Aug 14 2013   NLM
[DOI] [Full Text]

Heterotypic Gap Junctions between Two Neurons in the Drosophila Brain Are Critical for Memory
Wu C,
Shih M,
Lai J,
Yang H,
Turner GC,
Chen L,
Chiang AS

Current Biology
  21 (10): 848-854; May 24 2011  

Heterotypic gap junctions between two mushroom body modulatory neurons are essential for Drosophila memory formation
Wu CL,
Shih MF,
Lai JS,
Yang HT,
Turner GC,
Chen LY,
Chiang AS

Journal of Neurogenetics
  24 (0): 20-21; Dec 2010   ISI
[DOI] [Full Text]

Genome analysis of the platypus reveals unique signatures of evolution
Warren WC,
Hillier LW,
Marshall Graves JA,
Birney E,
Ponting CP,
Grutzner F,
Belov K,
Miller W,
Clarke L,
Chinwalla AT,
Yang SP,
Heger A,
Locke DP,
Miethke P,
Waters PD,
Veyrunes F,
Fulton L,
Fulton B,
Graves T,
Wallis J,
Puente XS,
Lopez-Otin C,
Ordonez GR,
Eichler EE,
Chen L,
Cheng Z,
Deakin JE,
Alsop A,
Thompson K,
Kirby P,
Papenfuss AT,
Wakefield MJ,
Olender T,
Lancet D,
Huttley GA,
Smit AF,
Pask A,
Temple-Smith P,
Batzer MA,
Walker JA,
Konkel MK,
Harris RS,
Whittington CM,
Wong ES,
Gemmell NJ,
Buschiazzo E,
Vargas Jentzsch IM,
Merkel A,
Schmitz J,
Zemann A,
Churakov G,
Kriegs JO,
Brosius J,
Murchison EP,
Sachidanandam R,
Smith C,
Hannon GJ,
Tsend-Ayush E,
McMillan D,
Attenborough R,
Rens W,
Ferguson-Smith M,
Lefevre CM,
Sharp JA,
Nicholas KR,
Ray DA,
Kube M,
Reinhardt R,
Pringle TH,
Taylor J,
Jones RC,
Nixon B,
Dacheux JL,
Niwa H,
Sekita Y,
Huang X,
Stark A,
Kheradpour P,
Kellis M,
Flicek P,
Chen Y,
Webber C,
Hardison R,
Nelson J,
Hallsworth-Pepin K,
Delehaunty K,
Markovic C,
Minx P,
Feng Y,
Kremitzki C,
Mitreva M,
Glasscock J,
Wylie T,
Wohldmann P,
Thiru P,
Nhan MN,
Pohl CS,
Smith SM,
Hou S,
Renfree MB,
Mardis ER,
Wilson RK

  453 (7192): 175-83; May 8 2008   PMC2803040
[DOI] [Full Text] [PDF]

Genomic amplification and oncogenic properties of the KCNK9 potassium channel gene
Mu D,
Chen LY,
Zhang XP,
See LH,
Koch CM,
Yen C,
Tong JJ,
Spiegel L,
Nguyen KC,
Servoss A,
Peng Y,
Pei L,
Marks JR,
Lowe S,
Hoey T,
Jan LY,
McCombie WR,
Wigler MH,
Powers S

Cancer Cell
  3 (3): 297-302; Mar 2003  
[Full Text]

Modulation of cell surface glycocalyx: studies on large, external, transformation-sensitive protein
Chen LB,
Burridge K,
Murray A,
Walsh ML,
Copple CD,
Bushnell A,
McDougall JK,
Gallimore PH

Ann N Y Acad Sci
  312 (0): 366-81; Jun 20 1978  
[Full Text]

Studies on Inter-Cellular Lets Glycoprotein Matrices
Chen LB,
Murray A,
Segal RA,
Bushnell A,
Walsh ML

  14 (2): 377-391; 1978  
[Full Text]

In vitro traits of adenovirus-transformed cell lines and their relevance to tumorigenicity in nude mice
Gallimore PH,
McDougall JK,
Chen LB

  10 (4): 669-78; Apr 1977  
[Full Text]

Detection of the large external transformation-sensitive protein on some epithelial cells
Chen LB,
Maitland N,
Gallimore PH,
McDougall JK

Exp Cell Res
  106 (1): 39-46; Apr 1977  
[Full Text]

Local inhibition of centripetal particle transport where LETS protein patterns appear on 3T3 cells
Albrecht-Buehler G,
Chen LB

  266 (5601): 454-6; Mar 31 1977  
[Full Text]

Distribution of Cell-Surface Lets Protein in Co-Cultures of Normal and Transformed-Cells
Chen LB,
Moser FG,
Chen AB,
Mosesson MW

Experimental Cell Research
  108 (2): 375-383; 1977  
[Full Text]

Control of a Cell Surface Major Glyco Protein by Epidermal Growth Factor
Chen LB,
Gudor RC,
Sun TT,
Chen AB,
Mosesson MW

  197 (4305): 776-778; 1977  
[Full Text]

Alteration in Cell-Surface Lets Protein During Myogenesis
Chen LB

  10 (3): 393-400; 1977  
[Full Text]

Correlation between tumor induction and the large external transformation sensitive protein on the cell surface
Chen LB,
Gallimore PH,
McDougall JK

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
  73 (10): 3570-4; Oct 1976  
[Full Text]

Distribution of Cold Insoluble Globulin on Surface of Adenovirus-Transformed Rat Embryo Fibroblasts
Chen LB,
McDougall JK

Journal of Cell Biology
  70 (2): A361-A361; 1976  
[Full Text]

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