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Evaluation of methods for modeling transcription factor sequence specificity
Weirauch MT,
Cote A,
Norel R,
Annala M,
Zhao Y,
Riley TR,
Saez-Rodriguez J,
Cokelaer T,
Vedenko A,
Talukder S,
Bussemaker HJ,
Quaid MD,
Bulyk ML,
Stolovitzky G,
Hughes TR,
Agius P,
Arvey A,
Bucher P,
Callan Jr CG,
Chang CW,
Chen CY,
Chen YS,
Chu YW,
Grau J,
Grosse I,
Jagannathan V,
Keilwagen J,
Kiebasa SM,
Kinney JB,
Klein H,
Kursa MB,
Lähdesmäki H,
Laurila K,
Lei C,
Leslie C,
Linhart C,
Murugan A,
Myšičková A,
Noble WS,
Nykter M,
Orenstein Y,
Posch S,
Ruan J,
Rudnicki WR,
Schmid CD,
Shamir R,
Sung WK,
Vingron M,
Zhang Z

Nature Biotechnology
  31 (2): 126-134; Feb 2013  
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