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Latest CSHL Authors' Publications

CSHL Authors' Publications Database provides access to all articles published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists (1892 - 2012).
We are in the process of creating a bio page for each CSHL Principal Investigator, including a link to their home pages, and a video clip of their current research.
Please contact the library for additions or comments.

Developmental patterning by gradients of mobile small RNAs
Abstract: Development of multicellular organisms depends on intercellular communication via mobile signals that provide positional information to coordinate cell fate decisions. In addition to peptide ligands, transcription factors, and hormones, plants use small RNAs as positional instructive signals. The unique patterning properties of small RNA gradients resulting from regulated mobility suggest conceptual similarities to the function of animal morphogens, and provide robustness and precision to the formation of cell fate boundaries. While common principles may underlie the formation, stability, and interpretation of both plant small RNA and animal morphogen gradients, the unique nature of small RNAs with respect to their biogenesis and target regulation imply important differences as well. In this review, we discuss the patterning properties of mobile small RNAs and highlight recent studies that have advanced our understanding of how small RNAs move, and how the graded accumulation that underlies their patterning activity could be created, maintained, and interpreted. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.
Benkovics AH,
Timmermans MC

Current Opinion in Genetics and Development
  27 (0): 83-91; Aug 2014

Single cell sequencing approaches for complex biological systems
Abstract: Biological phenotype is the output of complex interactions between heterogeneous cells within a specified niche. These interactions are tightly governed and regulated by the genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptional states of single cells, with deregulation of these states resulting in disease. As such, genome wide single cell investigations are bound to enhance our knowledge of the underlying principles that govern biological systems. Recent technological advances have enabled such investigations in the form of single-cell sequencing. Here, we review the most recent developments in genome wide profiling of single cells, discuss some of the novel biological observations gleaned by such investigations, and touch upon the promise of single cell sequencing in unraveling biological systems.
Baslan T,
Hicks J

Curr Opin Genet Dev
  26c (0): 59-65; Jul 10 2014
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